November 15, 2007

Replace a Bag Without Emptying It

"You can't put non-empty bags in other bags."

For three years, I've been treating this as a basic axiom of World of Warcraft (along with "don't stand in the fire" and "never start a land war in Stranglethorn Vale"), meaning that every time any of my characters wanted to replace an old bag with a larger one, I'd do the following:

  1. Painstakingly determine which of the spaces in OneBag or All In One Bags corresponded to which bag slot
  2. Empty out the bag I wished to replace (selling or banking items if I didn't have room otherwise)
  3. Place the "old" bag inside another bag
  4. Plunk the new bag in the now-empty bag slot
Having acquired a [Tattered Hexcloth Sack] from Zul'Aman, my mage had another bag to replace yesterday.

If you've been following the above procedure like I have, you can guess that swapping out an 18-slot bag for a 20-slot bag when your bags are mostly full is no fun.

So you can imagine my surprise and amazement when one of my guildies told me that you don't actually have to empty a bag before replacing it at all! Just take your new bag and drag it over top of the bag you wish to replace. Voila, you're done!

Do I feel silly? Well, yes.

Am I hopeful this will help some other nub out there like me? Absolutely.


David said...

I'm fairly sure this used to not work -- I noticed it myself a few months ago, but I have memories of it being impossible when I first started playing.

A useful trick that follows from this: you can swap a bag in your bank with a bag you're carrying, contents and all.

I use this to accumulate crafting mats in a massive profession bag in my bank, then just move the whole bag to my toon for an orgy of crafting. It's handy. :D

Pike said...

The direct swapping bags thing like that only seems to work about 50% of the time for me. So, I think there might be something else going on that I haven't caught onto yet... or, ya know, I'm just going crazy, that's also possible.

RedForty said...

It works as long as you don't have the new bag in a bagslot of the old bag you are about to replace.


Anonymous said...

That's why I don't run a "all-in-one" type of mod! I like to be in control!

When you put a bag in your backpack, you can 100% (if it's same size or larger), replace another one no matter how full it may be. Using a "bag-in-one" makes it a bit harder to know that you're placing the bag in the backpack and NOT inside the bag you're trying to replace!

Also, the manual, non-all-in-one type of usage also has some advantages: I keep all my chant mats in bags in bank (maybe will change now that I've formed my own self-only-and-alts guild and purchased my own guild bank!), and I can simply swap two or 3 full bags with chant mats on my bank for the same number bags in my inventory: works flawlessly, I chant whatever I need to, then re-do the swap. The only "minor" drawback is that you can only have 1 enchanting bag (or herb or whatever) on your inventory while you can have as many as you want in bank, so better use "normal" bags for this type of swap instead of cheaper-more-slots-and-more-annoying bags! :)

And it's also easier to swap gear sets or whatever: just swap a bag from bank with another one on your inv...

TazButane said...

helps me out, I have been doing the same thing you were. I will give it a try next time. Thanks for the tip!

BobAdauto3 said...

WoW! I feel silly bag-swapping the long way around. Kinda the same feeling I had when I found out I can eat and drink at the same time......

Webshit said...

I'm doing the "take your new bag and drag it over top of the bag you wish to replace" method sins I started to play WOW, about a good year ago. never thought people actually emptied their bags.

Michael said...

I was freaked out by the fact that I couldn't drag grey items to the vendor window to sell them. I finally right-clicked it and it sold.

Ratshag said...

Whoa. Really? I gots to go try that ...

Amava said...

I, too, am a silly goose. I've been doing the item shuffle you describe anytime I get a new bag. You've officially helped "some other nub out there"!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. When I was a new-comer I discovered that right away and by doing so, taught 8 level 70s that you can do this. ;-)

Dammerung said...

You can do that!? Wow! This is awesome! I cannot wait until I get home to double check this.


I never knew and stuff. You own.


Alex - aka Firelight said...

I never knew that either!!

As soon as i got my 20 slotter from ZA i did it!!

I even educated a few people in our guild to the method as well!!!

he he!!

Groovymarlin said...

I just wanted to thank you for posting this. I've been playing WoW since the weekend it opened and I NEVER KNEW. I feel like such a fool! Anyway, I'll be using this tip quite a bit from now on. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...



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