January 22, 2008

Nerf By Numbers

I've been thinking a lot about arena strategies and gear over the past week, now that I'm doing shadow priest/moonkin and hunter/mage 2v2s regularly. Admittedly, the hunter/mage combo has a definite 'losing for the epics' feel to it, as The Boy and I only have about 12k health combined on our alts.

Reading 2v2 arena strats requires a certain amount of tolerance for the old rock/paper/scissors class-based QQing. Just for fun, I thought I'd do a little Google survey to see who the teeming millions think really needs a nerf. Apparently paladins aren't overpowered at all!


Kayllisti said...

That's right, leave the priests alone!

56K Noob said...

That's pure gold. The three classes I have most problems with in PvP are Warlocks, Druids (not Feral), and Hunters. Hm.

"The game's not balanced 1v1."

Anonymous said...

The most boring duel I ever saw part of was a holy paladin fighting a resto druid.

Almost as boring was a paladin fighting a holy priest.

In truth, it depends on how well each person knows their class and the class they're fighting against. Also it does depend somewhat on what gear each has.

Jagoex said...

Brb. Rolling a Priest.

Sunblossom said...

Even as a warlock player, I constantly find myself saying that.

Tanneneth said...

Being a Druid myself (feral now but used to be balance) I think we're pretty underpowered maybe not more so than other classes but still noticable, in pvp I find that Rogues are the most annoying and not because they sneak up on you, I was attacking Splitertree Post (Ashenvale) one night and I saw lvl 70 rogue marked we both started attacking each other and all the stun locks and gouges etc got to the point where he had 90% hp left when I died, seems unfair imo. The only other complaint about rogues is their Sapping in pvp doesn't break stealth; in pve its ine but in pvp sap should break stealth because we all hate the lvl 30 rogues sapping the lowbies in BB just to make them fight. *sigh* long post but meh, had to be said

Anonymous said...

If I were to list the 3 most OP classes in order, it would be...

1. Warlock
2. Hunter
3. Shaman

Now, that is my own personal opinion, so I am certain that many will disagree with me, and that's fine. But from a PvP standpoint, I look at those three classes in BGs and they always stand out from the rest.

Warlocks just do way too much damage at any level, and the ability to SPAM Fear is utterly ridiculous. There is nothing more to say about them. That sums up why you hate them when you fight them and love them when you play them.

Hunters now have a shot that debuffs, a shot that reduces healing (MM), a shot that slows movement, a trap that freezes, they have pets that in certain specs can resist fear and stun, can stun their target, now ALWAYS get behind their opponent (stupid), and a few other pet-based tricks. Hunters have many other abilities that add to what I believe puts them in the OP list.

Shaman are OP in every spec just about. If they are specced for Weapon use, they do crazy damage. If they are specced for their Totems and spells, they do crazy damage, and if they are specced as a healer, they can rack up crazy numbers healing thanks to chain heals and quick casts. Oh, and ALL shaman get multiple types of spell interrupts from the earliest of levels.

The one thing that has always bothered me about Paladins and Priests is this... Paladins get to wear plate armor. Priests must wear cloth and never get anything better. Yet it is Paladins who get a total-invulnerability bubble and Priests are stuck with one that only absorbs so much damage before collapsing. Where is the logic in that? :-(

Megan said...

A Paladin's mobility is nowhere near the Priest's mobility. When both are spec'd for PVP, a Priest can absorb more damage, especially with Focused Will, Pain Suppression and up to 10% reduction from spell damage. Then add in multiple instants like POM, Shield, Renew, the ability to line of sight and/or kite is superior in every way to Flash of Light/Holy Light.

Also take into consideration that if both get their Holy school silenced/locked, the Priest can still run around dispelling and mana burning stuff while the Paladin sits there.

Halo said...

Updates for the updates God!

Logan said...

Speaking from experience, once you're at 70 and people start stacking resilience for PvP, locks do a LOT less damage... especially affliction locks and destro locks due to the reduced DoT damage and the reduced crit chance, respectively. Plus not only is fear now on diminishing returns, many classes now have multiple ways to break it.

Don't get me wrong, locks are still strong in PvP. They're just nowhere near as powerful as they once were. There are also a lot of classes for whom taking on a lock is a cakewalk (warriors, hunters, and rogues).

Mary said...

Hunters are overpowered in just about every way...my main's a night elf balance druid and I rolled a night elf hunter just for kicks and was amazed at how easy everything was (I mean, I had heard stories, but wow!). She was awesome at PvP in 20-29 and 30-39 and was far from a twink...it was nuts. I tried to make myself feel less like a mooch by getting rare pets...Mazzranache from Mulgore at level 11 (long run for a little nelf), ghost saber at 20, and soon to be Olm the Wise at 50ish.

wasniahC said...

Yea :\ any good rogue should be able to beat a warlock. Unless it has a voidwalker or succubus out, but thats unlikely, if you're looking at realistic pvp situations, rather than just 1v1 duels. Even so, its a fairly even game with those out. Maybe in favour of the rogue if you have soul link/master demo with voidwalker.

Warriors.. are hard but doable. Its impossible to fear them though. You have deathcoil, curse of exhaustion (INTERCEPT+HAMSTRINGLOL) and shadowfury to get rid of them, thats it. Two of these need talents for.

I'm surprised there isn't more "nerf rogues" found. Rogues seem to have it pretty easy with most things, apparently. Warriors will kill a rogue, granted.

Hunters, meh, might be a pain for an sl/sl lock but as destr its just OM NOM NOM NOM backlash.

Mages, though, need some defenses against them, as do priests. In a fair fight, the warlock will win; a felhunter is usually the pet of choice if you're pvping (bg/arena).

Shamans make me laugh, as a lock. So do paladins. Druids can be a challenge if resto, with their infamous ability to run away and heal, but still easy to fix with a bit of mana draining and a well placed devour magic

Overpowered? I wouldn't say any of the above makes warlocks overpowered. Warlocks are quite situational, and if caught by surprise are very weak. However, they DO scale better than any other classes (Shadow and flame). A warlock in decent raid gear hitting for 3-4k shadowbolts doesn't care about resilience. :p

However, people are all too happy for warlocks to have unique and incredible powers that they do not have when they are asking for summons etc... pfft.

Anonymous said...

I am currently pvping with my 70 hunter in arenas, BM 41/20/0 spec in 2v2. I love it, I can often times handle my own even if my partner who is a fire mage, goes down. We are just playing the 10 games a week for points floating around the 1500's. Our only problems are the SL/SL warlocks, and the shammys. I know that the fight is over as soon as I see my SCT alert me of siphon life. I try to kill the bugger and blow all my cooldowns and as my health melts like a snowball in the summer sun his rises to almost full by the time I am dead. Leaving my corpse to get tea-bagged for the next 15 seconds while my partner runs around dragon breathing and dieing.
And then there are the shammans which I know nothing about, besides the fact that they kill me very fast before I can say kill command, I am tea-bagged corpse guy again.

Anonymous said...



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