December 4, 2007

Re-Write Your Guild Note or GMOTD in Color

My guild has just discovered the joy of colored text.

Turns out the WoW client allows for the use of color codes, which means that with a little tweaking, you can paint your guild note, guild information text, or guild message of the day in any color of the rainbow.

This hack lets you change the color of any of these fields for everyone in your guild to see. It uses hexadecimal color codes ("hex codes") to replace the default gray/green colors in the WoW interface.

To change the color of your guild note:

Open up the guild list and select your character's name. Then type:
/run GuildRosterSetPublicNote(GetGuildRosterSelection(),"\124cffXXXXXXYOURNOTE")

replacing YOURNOTE with the actual text of your guild note, and XXXXXX with the hex code of your choice.

To change the color of the guild MOTD:

Type /run GuildSetMOTD"/124cffXXXXXXGMOTDHERE")

replacing GMOTDHERE with the actual text of your message, and XXXXXX with the hex code of your choice.

Note that you'll still need the correct guild permissions to edit colors. That is, if your character doesn't have the power to edit the GMOTD, you won't be able to change its color.

All that code too complicated for your taste? No problem.

Vlacula's Colorizator page can do the work for you. Simply input the words of your choice and select a color, and it will automatically generate your text for you.

From there, just follow the directions to copy and paste into WoW.



Anonymous said...

This is great! I mean...there's a remote chance now that my guildies will actually READ the MOTD! :D

bbr said...

It's nice, but isn't there a pretty short character limit to guild notes?

shelbi said...

jon may hate me for this - but i'm totally going to use it. i love rainbows :X

BigBearButt said...

i can't figure out how to do the rainbowizer, but I love my new orange guild note!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Breana said...

Hot Damn!!!! Bring on the Paint! Thanks for the tip. All will moan, but the color will stay!

Anonymous said...

Having now tried this, I'm frustrated. :(

I can't get the MOTD to stick. I change it, log out, log back in...and it's gone. Completely gone.

Anyone have any help?

Girl Meets WoW said...

That's a new one, Kestrel. Do you have any kind of GMOTD-affecting mod, perchance?

Anonymous said...

Not that I know of: I use Prat, but doesn't everyone? And AFAIK, it does zip with the GMOTD. I don't use any Guild-mods, either. I may ask another officer to post up a colored GMOTD though (dunno why I didn't think of that!) and see if we get the same behavior.

And if hers works, then it's gotta be one of my mods. Of course, that means hours...and hours...of detective work.

Holly said...

This is awesome! Has anyone gotten the multi-color version to work? The single color is great, but I'm dying to try the rainbow one.

Kayllisti said...

I can't get the rainbow one to work, but I have been enjoying the new colors. My guildies actually noticed. Who knew?
Thanks again for the tip. Your blog is becoming a must read for me. Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

I haven't a clue as to why it's just not working for me. I see the whole string of letters etc and it's all in green.

saluman said...

Hey bigbearbutt,

You have to do \124cffXXXXXXLETTERORWORD everytime you do a color change... it's a pain, but I had to figure it out since the website she linked that does it for you is broken?

I also had to change a slash and add a ( to make my GMOTD in color work. Hope this helps!

plshelpme!! said...

saluman....think u cal put an expample a little new at this

Anonymous said...

How can you make the rainbow work?

rudedude said...

any work arounds with hex and patch 2.4 ??

Anonymous said...

I tried setting my guild note in color but it's not working...It displays everything starting from \124cff instead of putting it in a color. Could you plz help? Maybe set an example?

Anonymous said...



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