January 27, 2008

Screenshot Sunday: Death By Spine

Today's Screenshot Sunday comes from the Naj'entus fight.

With SSC and TK on farm, my raid's attention has turned to new encounters in Mount Hyjal and Black Temple. On my mage, I don't really get too excited about Hyjal (yay, another wave of trash!) , but I really like the feel of BT. High Warlord Naj'entus is the first boss in the Temple, and is reached by entering through a crack in the wall and fighting your way through the sewers.

The fight itself is noteworthy primarily for requiring everyone in the raid to have at least 9k health. For mages, this means throwing on all kinds of PvP gear, or old mage tanking gear from the Maulgar fight.

The reason you need at least 9k health is that every 45 seconds or so, Naj'entus puts up a tidal shield, a giant bubble effect that makes him impervious to all damage. In what I consider one of the coolest fight mechanics in the game, there's only one way to break this shield. Periodically during the fight, Naj'entus will throw a needle spine at a random player. (You can see Firkin dead to one above.) Another person in the raid must pull the spine out of the targeted player's body and then throw it to burst the shield bubble. When the tidal shield breaks, everyone in the raid takes 8500 frost damage.

Naj'entus went down for us last week along with Supremus. The first few fights in BT and Hyjal are definitely easier than Vashj or Kael, which is a nice break. As The Boy put it last week: "You've beaten Kael'thas. Here, have a cookie."


Galoheart said...

Sounds like some interesting times there at BT. I can only dream of seeing that place. I'll probably never see it though. However sounds fun. Gratz on being there.

wowup said...

4-5 gruops? Druid tanking?

Bob said...

Hey, GMW? Our guild just took down Voidreaver for the first time last night and since you have been farming TK and SSC, would you say Lurker is easier or more difficult than VR? I've heard mixed reviews from other people.

Oh yeah, and as Wowup asked...? Did you have any Druids tanking?

Anonymous said...

"Bob" was me, btw. Was logged in to Gmail with a different account. :-)

Durgosh said...

I'm a member of GMW's guild. Lurker is maybe slightly more difficult, simply because you have to be ready for the adds. The most important aspect of fighting the Lurker is avoiding the spout. Explain to your raid-mates that it is far more important to get in the water and avoid the spout that absolutely anything else. This includes finishing spell casts, getting in that extra heal, not swimming deep enough.

As far as tanks, for a long while our main tank on the Lurker was a bear. Our raid has 3 tanks, a prot warrior, druid, and prot pally.

Girl Meets WoW said...

So, Durgosh beat me to it, but at this point I'd actually lean slightly towards Void Reaver being harder. They're both dps-intensive fights where it's easy for an unsustainable number of people to die as you're learning them, but Lurker's more predictable and doesn't have an enrage timer. VR does, and his orb mechanism has been changed to be significantly more annoying.

Still, both fights are similar in that they require all (or almost all - melee get a break on VR) of your raiders to be on their toes and ready to move to avoid damage, so Lurker is good practice for Void Reaver and vice versa, in that respect.

Also, all of Durg's Lurker advice is spot on, and I'll add one more piece: do not jump if you're in the water. It does not cause you to take less damage (in fact, the opposite), and if you're hopping out of the water when the spout comes around, it will treat you as though you're not in the water at all.

Anonymous said...



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