November 16, 2007

Akil'zon's Gauntlet, The Easy Way

I just got a great tip from a guildie about how to make the gauntlet right before the eagle boss in ZA trivial.

You will require: one rogue.

Background: At the start of Akil'zon's trash is an Amani'shi Lookout, who runs up to the top and begins triggering the waves of eagles and elites which come at your group.

The hax: Send your rogue to sneak up and sap the lookout. Then have your rogue spend the rest of his time keeping the lookout incapacitated, while the rest of your group just takes some nice easy two troll pulls up the hill. Keep him permanently stunlocked (a few freezing traps will also work wonders), and you should never have to worry about eagles or extra elites.


Megan said...

We had out lookout script bugout the other night, it sucked. He ran all the way up, we killed him as usual while we CC'd/snared the guards, but the adds kept spawning over.. even all the way to the steps of Eaglebeak boss.

I'll mention this tip to our raid leader next time, thanks!

Matticus said...

Give that guy a beer.

Karthis said...

This will be considered an exploit, I can almost guarantee. I wouldn't get used to it.

They'll make the lookout unsappable, or give him the ability to see thru stealth.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Karthis, I'm completely unworried about it being considered an exploit at the moment, but I do anticipate it'll be fixed at some point. Still, they took their sweet time getting around to Netherspite's door, so we might as well make use of it while we can.

Megan, that sounds nightmareish!

Rob said...

We ran at the look out and got "not a valid target"; then stuff spawned.

But, we had someone at the bottom of the ramps, and some random guys spawned behind her, killed her, then the whole scout event... faded. The scout appeared back where he started then everything was gone.

I would say we bugged also...

Gunn said...

It's not meant to be incapacitated and I would be surprised it can be done at all, let alone more than once. Since after being attacked he becomes immune to everything. But I'm no rogue.

I'm a paladin tank, thusly I consecrate the entire way up the path pulling my guild behind me. I take care of the birds, they take care of the elites, and it's all rather fun.

I suggest doing it that way, if you don't have a pally tank, a 41/20/0 raiding spec'd holy pally should be able to handle it just fine. Throw on concentration aura, consecrate up the hill, heal yourself. Bling Bling

Girl Meets WoW said...

Gunn, a pally tank does make it easy, and since our rogue was sick this weekend, we had our holy pally suit up in his prot gear and made it up the hill just fine, same way as you're suggesting. (It's once you start having no paladins at all that it gets ugly.)

But again, the reason I'm sharing isn't because it's impossible to do it any other way, but because on the one end, some people are struggling getting through ZA at all, and on the other end, there are those of us trying to figure out the fastest trash clears to beat the timed event.

Fiordhraoi said...

We tried this last night, and it may have been hotfixed. The rogue was able to sap the lookout fine, but the moment anyone non-stealthed was within sight range, he'd break out of sap and start running.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Hmm... interesting. It's possible it may be fixed, then. I know a few rogues who were in there last night, I'll have to ask around.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Yup, it appears this has been hotfixed so that he runs when he pulses into combat.

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