February 3, 2008

Screenshot Sunday: Goodbye to All That

Little Hooloovoo took his leave of Azeroth last night. Having finally dinged 58 on my shaman, it was time to turn in a last few quests and head back to Shattrath.

I'd been making a real push for 58 lately because two of my guild's more prolific jewelcrafters have all but quit the game, causing the AH jewel market to be temporarily thrown into chaos
a few weeks back and (more importantly) leaving Firkin without a lazy in-raid option for getting Veiled Noble Topazes. And trust me when I say this: Firkin goes through those things like candy.

And so began my stint of alting on Hooloovoo, a bright-eyed and not so bushy-tailed super-intelligent shade of blue. He's my first real melee class, and I have to hand it to shamans: they are incredibly fun characters to level. It's just the right balance of pure whack-things-with-a-stick dps with a dash of dps caster and some mana-efficient healing. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with him besides jewelcrafting, but he's been surprisingly entertaining to level so far.

And as for Azeroth? It's gotten a lot more tolerable with all the leveling changes, but I'm still glad to be heading back to Outlands. There's something about all those now-useless factions ticking away as I turn in quests to the Argent Dawn that just makes me grit my teeth every time.


alibaba said...
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Syp said...

Uh... Shammies are notoriously mana inefficient healers (and mana hogs to boot) unless you're using chain heal or very deep into the healing tree.

Logan said...

Why would you not go deep into the healing tree if you wanted to be a healer? My guild's resto shammies are some of the more coveted members, as their raid healing skills (via chain heal) are unmatched. They're also not too shabby for heroics either. We had a resto shammy healing our heroic Shattered Halls AoE run the other day (paladin tank... requires MASSIVE healing to keep him up) and we cleared it with no wipes and about 10 minutes to spare in the timed event.

Maybe earlier in the game shammies aren't quite so hot as healers?

Anonymous said...

My favorite part about dinging 58 is dumping all of the Old World quests. It's like starting fresh at 58. :)

SonofMoag said...

Is there anyway to block that alibaba 'bot? It is really getting annoying.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Yeah, I really wish Blogger had a straight-up "block user" setting. Going in and deleting everything manually is getting to be a pain, though at present, not enough to switch blogging platforms.

Which is funny, because I actually really like Wordpress, but I like it too much: I'd spent way, way too much time tweaking and re-tweaking blog design.

Might change my mind someday soon though; we'll see.

Meltfacer said...

Outlands at 58?? Nooooo, you can do it! resist the temptation! Finish those Silithus and Epl quests!

Just an opinion, but this strat has caused me to ding 70 in Zangaramarsh one 1 toon, and in Terrokar on 2 others :) You will thank youself when you're buying your epic flyer with no effort atall.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Er... more power to you, but finishing Silithus =/= "no effort" for me.

I think a worthwhile strat these days might be to get to 58, go to HFP, do the first four or five quests, and then go back with the cool Outlands gear to finish off some vanilla WoW quests. But honestly, I don't have the patience for it!

Anonymous said...

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