January 4, 2008

2007 Blog Facts, Numbers, and Wrap-Up

I know it's already January 4th, but I had a fel reaver filled party to recover from, and better late than never, right? Besides, this one post will take care of two topics: stats on this blog in 2007, and my New Year's resolution to shake off the mask of anonymity by adding in the names for my guild, my characters, and my server.

Let's get started, shall we?

About You
48,902 people visited Girl Meets WoW this year! That's
68,498 visits, for a total of
112,117 pageviews.

Much of the traffic came from posts about Brewfest, Hallow's End, and patch 2.3.

About Me
Since I started this blog on September 25th, I've made 85 posts and received all kinds of great feedback in comments and emails. (If I haven't replied to your email, fear not - I'm slowly but steadily going through my current backlog, but I'll get there.)

I've also finally been found out as a blogger by my guild just a few days ago, which means my New Year's resolution of telling my guild about my blog and my blog more about my guild is complete as of this post.

My Guild
I've been playing on Dark Iron with the fine folks of Annarchy since August 2005. We're a huge but close-knit group of mature players who span the spectrum from hardcore to casual (however you like to define those terms).

We rolled up as part of the larger Penny Arcade Alliance on DI, and are sworn rivals of the awesome but outnumbered horde of Panda Attack and Djork (the fine fellows who came out for our New Year's party the other night).

My Characters
Firkin is my mage, and has been my PvE raiding main since I rolled on Dark Iron. I'm starting to PvP with him a little bit (I need some more stam gear for Hyjal), but he's mostly a squishy carebear.
Inaara is a shadow priest I created to play when my boyfriend first joined the server on his warrior, Pyetr. I've been playing some 2v2 arena with her, and generally trying to become a more competent PvPer in battlegrounds and arena as well. I also take her to farm-status 25-man content on occasion, and flip between mage and shadow priest as my Zul'Aman group needs change from week to week.
Ramekin was my very first character, a hunter who I server transfered to Dark Iron and recently leveled to 70. I've written more about him here, but right now I'm not sure what my goals are for him besides grinding out quests for money.
Hooloovoo is my leveling alt, a level 39 enhancement shaman. He's a lot of fun to play.

For some reason none of them seem to be displaying correctly in Armory at the moment, which is fine with me since I think I logged Firkin out in his laughable PvP set last night.

So that's that. A little anti-climatic, perhaps, but I didn't actually intend my blog anonymity to last this long. I figured at least one of my 300+ guild mates would find me out within a month or so, but it ended up taking three and a half. Go figure.

Anyhow, it's been a blast so far. This blog's popularity has far exceeded my expectations, and I've had a lot of fun reading through the comments and talking to my guildmates about it over the past few days. I hope you'll all stick around in 2008!


Matticus said...

Whoa! You didn't tell your Guild that you had a WoW Blog? How come?

Armory's been quirky lately for me as well. There's certain characters that I'm not able to query.

Oh, and uh, I may or may not need a new mosaic piece for the side there. I'll leave that option up to you. It makes no difference to me =).

Jon said...

I had you figured out long ago. =P
/congrats on the blogstats

Anonymous said...

Some of us recognized the pink kitty tabard in some of your screen shots.

/salute fellow Annarchy member

Kayllisti said...

I wondered when your guild was going to figure it out. Lol.

Luciel said...

Well now that all of us know where you play we will transfer servers and begin our harrassment of your character.

Just kidding.

I made my guild public knowledge right away, still none of my guild mates know that I blog about them. =/

Girl Meets WoW said...

Matt, I had a couple reasons. First, my guild is huge, and I wanted GMW to develop its own feel and audience without just becoming an extension of our guild forums. Two, I'm kind of weird when it comes to other people & expectations, so it was more useful to me to get started based entirely on my own motivation to write, instead of people I knew asking me when I'd have my next post up.

New mosaic piece you say? I'll take care of it in the next iteration of the blogroll, which should be coming in... oh, a week or so, hopefully.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Also, it gets very distracting now that all the guildies come by and leave comments without telling me who they actually are.

Like you, anonymous. Maybe I'll find you and demote your alt! How would you like that, huh?

/Firkin powertrip

Girl Meets WoW said...

Luciel, that was actually my other minor concern. I could totally see me writing in to Wowinsider's guild drama feature about the blog commenter who joined the guild and got mad when I didn't pay a ton of attention to him in game, or modded her for not keeping guild chat family friendly, etc.

Technically though, Annarchy's only open to family and real life friends of current members, on the theory that we're already incredibly huge and don't need to be recruiting.

Mark said...

Nice blog. Been reading you for a bit; didn't realize you were a fellow PAA.
Anastorne / Anastalt, KoA

Matticus said...

Hah, I didn't realize your were an officer either. Most of my guildies know I light up a blog but our numbers are under 40. None of them comment on mine :(. Oh well! It's probably a good thing since they'd embarass me somehow.

On the same note, you realize now that your guildies are aware of your blog, they might write embarassing moments about GMW ingame right? :D

Then again, you've got power. Hmm...

Girl Meets WoW said...

Oh, Matticus, what hath you wrought? Those crazy Annarchists don't need encouraging, honestly now.

Besides, everyone knows it's only a matter of time before I start telling my own embarassing stories about getting drunk with them all at PAX this year...

Also, you're right. I haven't mentioned officer duty very much, even though it takes up a fair bit of my WoW time. One of the benefits of finally coming clean is that I feel like I can write all kinds of guild-related posts now that wouldn't have felt right without going into specifics.

*waves at Anastorne* Small world, isn't it?

Halo said...

Embarrassing PAX stories? There's nothing to hide. It's not like we all tripped over a vicious gnome eating curb whilst stumbling around Seattle in a drunken haze.

Kytara said...

This is really cool Firkin :)!

I've enjoyed reading everything.

Anonymous said...



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