December 14, 2007

WTB +15 Cold Resistance

Man, this week has really taken it out of me. I'm slowly eking out a win over this cold, but I've been absolutely exhausted all week, so I haven't had a chance to write some blog posts as I would've liked.

While sick, I've taken up PvP again in earnest. Last week my spooky priest got together with my boomkin friend to form a 2v2 team, and then I joined up with a 5v5 team of all shadow priests to try and snag some more arena points. 30-some games later, I think I could write a book called See The Arenas on 33 Resilience a Day. Which is to say, I am damn squishy, but I am learning. The trick is to remember the spooky mantra: dot and run, dot and run, then dot and run some more.

My guild's also putting together a bunch of fun events I'm looking forward to for this month. We've got two Karazhan's in the works: one an all-girls Kara, and the other an all-druid run. (Sadly, I don't have a 70 druid... yet.) There's also an in-game secret Santa (I mean, um, Greatfather Winter) event in the works. Anyone else's guild have something fun going on for the holidays?


Anonymous said...

Hope you get better soon, and, BTW, +15 won't do a thing! You need at least +120 to even have a semi-decent chance, but I'd go for the full +350 instead (as if that was attainable!:))

Galoheart said...

Chicken soup is good when your sick.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of chicken soup at the moment. Been living off it for over a week now (thanks flu!) I feel for ya! Get better asap so you can enjoy the holiday season! I'm working on it and even skipped dog training class on Sunday so that I could rest more and just be a lazy wow bum.

Michael said...

-insert standard get-well-soon message here -

For the holidays this year, my guild created a sub-guild (Santas Little Helperz) full of level 1 gnomes in Christmas outfits. We're gonna port everyone to Shatarath and hand out Delicious Chocolate Cake and other fun prizes to random people we see.

Oh, and we're gonna do a quick hogger raid too.

Anonymous said...

Best advice I can give anyone with a cold. If you are stuffy or if you have a sore throat this works wonders...

Brew a cup of tea and drop 1-2 Honey & Lemon Halls into it. You won't need any other sweetner and by all means, no dairy. Just drink the tea and you will be breathing easier and your throat will be soothed.

Trust me. It works!

Girl Meets WoW said...

Mmm, delicious chocolate cake.

Speaking of soup, I actually made some creamy carrot and potato soup the other night while we were working on Kael, and it was really soothing.

Someone, seems like cold resistance works a lot like resilience, eh?

Messyah, I'll add that to my tea-drinking ideas. Looks like the cold is almost defeated, though!

Anonymous said...

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