December 12, 2007

Quest Discoveries

My shaman's the fourth character I've gotten past level 30 -- fifth if you count the paladin I "borrowed" from The Boy, really -- so I've spent a lot of time in Azeroth by now. One of the things I've really been enjoying about post-2.3 leveling is the fact that quest givers now show up as yellow exclamation points on your minimap, which means that here and there, I find a few cool Easter egg quests I've never done before because I never knew they were there.

The screenshot above is me standing underneath the Thandol Span, the bridge that connects Arathi Highlands to the Wetlands. (Yes, water walking is fun, what can I say?) If you take a look at the piece of bridge directly behind my shaman, you'll see that it's broken on both ends, completely unconnected to the rest of the structure. Sitting in a small alcove in that section of bridge is this fellow, Foggy MacKreel:

Getting to him was a pain in the space-goat tail. There's a section of bridge on the Arathi side that has a broken-off overhang from which you can just barely make the leap. I had a guildie tell me she did it just fine with no speed increase, but even with ghost wolf on, it took me three tries. (If you screw up like I did, swim under the bridge and east a few more yards to climb back up on the northern bank.)

To be honest, MacKreel is singularly unconcerned about his placement as Least Accessible NPC in Azeroth.* What he is concerned about is his massive hangover, and how he's going to get his shipment of moonshine to Southshore in time. Except, wonder of wonders, some hapless adventurer just happened to hop over to his section of the Span.

You've got 15 minutes to get MacKreel's Moonshine to Southshore, and there's no way to jump back where you came from, so it's either swim or hearth from there.

*If you have an alternate contender for this title, please leave me a note in the comments!


Anonymous said...

I had friends struggle day after day trying to get across to that guy and when I finally got to that point, I did it on the first try.

I did it on the first try as well with my Draenei Priest.

Relmstein said...

I think if your alliance there is also a dead dwarven body in the waters below the bridge that gives you a quest. Its not on a timer and just involves going back to Ironforge. Eventually you help make a statue to honor the fallen dwarvf. Nice little easter egg quest.

Anonymous said...

I have a question... if you have Walk on Water going and you jump from a high location, do you hit the water like it was solid ground, or uneventfully like normal? /shrug

Lance said...

I just started my first alliance toon that will get any major playtime and I will remember these for when I get there.

Tanneneth said...

Yeah that quest is a pain to do sometimes esp on a pvp server since Hillsbrad Foothills has ALOT of pvp going on. Also the last time I tried it on a lower lvl toon of mine (couple months ago I think) hearthing didn't work, it'd simply auto-fail the quest, dunno if 2.3 changed that or not as I haven't tried again since it was released.

Dirky said...

Excellent, I shall have to take a look at that.
Thanks. Hope you feel better soon!

Cailleach said...

If/when you miss and fall down, down into the river, keep going down. Directly below that column (the only tilted one) is a BIG block of stone. Under the edge of the block is a teeny lil dead dorf. In the teeny dorf's left hand is a teenier waterlogged letter that will show the gear wheel on mouseover. Snag that, take the quest, follow the chain, preferably before you start doing the Southshore quests. Somewhere around 20k XP later (pre 2.3 gains), you finish up the quest with a level and some change, and you have to kill ZERO extraneous mobs to do it! It's my very favorite hidden quest.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Cailleach, that's an awesome tip. I'll have to go hunt it down now.

Anonymous said...



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