November 4, 2007

WoW On The Brain

So, I've been away from both WoW and boyfriend this week while visiting family, which has given said SO ample time to recover from a nasty cold and revert to a primitive, bachelor-gamer state. I'm a little afraid for the state of our apartment when I get back tomorrow, but on the plus side, this recent conversation indicates that he does seem to be doing computer-y chores in my absence, even if his mind is still on the game . . .

The Boy: Also, I'm setting up a proper network in the apartment. No more walking files from drive A to drive B.
GMW: Oooh. That's like whispering sweet nothings into my geeky, geeky ears. *Sneezes.* Speaking of which, how are you feeling?
The Boy: I'm better. Well, other than the ragveil.
GMW: Uh. I think you mean ragweed.
The Boy: Er. Yes.

Thankfully it was just me he was talking to; someone else might've been very confused. Have you ever accidentally slipped WoW-speak into a conversation with a non-gamer? If so, did you try and cover for yourself, or explain?


Anonymous said...

Not yet and hardly believe I'd fall into that because I can separate things very well. At one time, in school, there was this girl that was a friend of mine (and still is one of my best friends!), and I would start to speak in a way as to imitate Brazilian (we're both Portuguese). I'd turn "Brazilian mode" on and off at will, but after a couple hours with her, she would sometimes slip some "Brazilian speak" even when talking to other people not into the joke! :)

Similar episodes happened in other situations, but I've always been able to separate things, so WoW is WoW, outside is outside. Of course, I'm human (not "WoW-Human", just plain-old-human!), and thus a slip may happen but so far it hasn't! :)

Wildhermit said...

I often mix the lingo. I think I could seperate if I truly wanted to but honestly do not care. I do not mind when my non-wow friends are confused, and no... I usually do not explain.

What concerns me is that sometimes I have to do a double take while driving. I pass by this Real Estate Firm on the way home and recently they got a new digital sign. Well the sign reads Agent on Duty or some such and a bunch of other things. Well I was driving hom the other day and could have sworn it said Argent Dawn....

Anonymous said...

We have these processes we do called CATs, which re-catalogues data on our mainframe system. Well, in order for that to be completed, a form has to be filled out and approved.

Well, just 2 weeks ago I had someone ask me, "Did you get the CAT form?" and I replied with, "I'm level 70, I have all the forms..."

Suffice to say, they were baffled and I was a wee bit embarassed. LOL

Breana said...
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Breana said...

@messyah, that was hilarious!

I, sadly, find myself saying WoW terms all the time to those who play the game outside of it. The one phase I find myself saying to non-wowers is the following.

Coworker: "Hey do you know where So-and-So is?"

Me (without thinking) : "No, haven't seem them for a while, must be AFK."

When they say, “what?” I realize my mistake and say, "I mean MIA, they are MIA."

All becomes right in the world and I have another story to tell me husband, when start talking about ganking and stats.

Girl Meets WoW said...

@Someone, I took a semester of Portuguese for Spanish speakers in college, so I know just what you're talking about. Brazilian Portuguese sounds really exaggerated if it's not what you've grown up with. I wish I were that good at mode-switching, though... WoW or non-WoW.

@Wildhermit - I've done that with signs, too.

@Messyah - That's really funny. I can see it now: "I got that back at level 20, duh."

Dave said...

I knew i'd been playing WoW too much when I drove past some blob of road kill and my first instinct was to click on it to see what it was. Ouch.

The only word that slips out at work a lot is "kk" instead of "ok" which sounds really weird if they're not WoWers.

Amava said...

The other day at work, me and some coworkers were discussing some changes to our employer-paid benefits. And I found this coming out of my mouth before I could stop it..."You know, I used to get my allergy shots covered by the company medical insurance, but that was before they nerfed it." I got some pretty strange looks.

Elory said...

I did all the shopping last weekend for some new ovendish i wanted to try out. My boyfriend woke up and asked me what had been up to. I told him i got all the 'mats' for the ovendish.

rdutley said...

Myself, I've let quite a few bits of wow lingo slip. One of the most common for me is when people ask me how much something is, I reply with ten gold instead of ten dollars. >.<

56K Noob said...

I use game lingo a lot in my conversations, with workmates, or my technologically starved mother. People pick it up pretty quick, if you're smart about how you use it. "Noob" is easy to work out, you just got to pick the time and place :)

Nice blog BTW, I stopped in here from a link from Tobold's. I don't play WoW anymore, but I used to be heavily into it and a Mage player. I'll keep an eye on this one and see if I can "add value" in your comments sections :)

Brad said...

Okay, reading very old posts, new to the blog, but thought I had to add my mistake, just because it happened a mere 10 minutes before reading this.

I am a librarian, and I had to go down to the main office in my school so I told my clerk I was going afk and I'll brb. Just like that. I NEVER even say those things aloud on vent, why the hell did I say it then???

Anonymous said...



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