November 2, 2007

From the Folks Who Brought Us WoW Insider

...comes Massively, a new blog devoted to MMOs of all stripes. It looks like they've picked up a lot of the Second Life and WoW Insider staff, who've been busily writing content dated all the way back to October 22nd. What kind of content? Don't ask me, ask them:

"We've got every MMO you play covered, from Age of Conan to World of Warcraft, and even about 400 you don't (seriously, does anyone even play Planetside anymore? We hope all 3 of them will enjoy our posts about it)."

In keeping with the name, they're running a massive (ha ha, see, it's funny) amount of freebie giveaways over the next few weeks. At the moment, it's Everquest beta keys and Tabula Rasa schwag, but you can bet I'll be keeping my eye out for something WoW-ier.

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Anonymous said...

Bookmarked! Great new blog - I'm lovin' all the info already! Thanks for zee linkage ^^