November 29, 2007

The Perils of Looting

Our guild stopped using master loot because of a long-standing bug in vanilla WoW, so our raids tend to run with free for all loot up.

This means one person in our 25 man now gets the vaunted job of going around and picking up all the various BoE accoutrement that drop off of trash mobs, along with linking the occasional epic drop and nether vortex for people to roll on.

Now, some people love looting in raids. I'm just not one of them.

I had to be the looter for all of AQ40 back in the day, and I hated it, every scarab and idol-filled minute of it. ("Oh look it's another bug mount. Who wants a bug? Roll for a bug. No, you don't get to pass until a red bug drops, take your damn bug and like it.") Embittered by this experience, I now attempt to get out of looting at every pass.

Tonight in SSC our regular looter was on his tanking paladin instead of his shadow priest, and needed to concentrate, so I got tapped for the job. Serpentshrine isn't quite as bad as AQ40, but it's close. There's marks for flasks, coilfang armaments for rep, and greens to DE, on top of a lot of trash epics, most of which we'd seen five or more times by now. The only thing the mobs stubbornly refuse to part with is [Pattern: Belt of Blasting], which I've mentioned before.

So when I got a tell from my raid leader saying "You have assist and are looting, feel free to crow about it, I sighed, and typed the following:

/rw I am the looter. Some people enjoy this position, and I am not one of them.

Ten seconds later, the [Belt of Blasting] pattern drops.

...I think I'm now the looter indefinitely.


Megan said...


Anonymous said...

Don't some BoP patterns only drop for those who have the profession? Say that you don't have Alchemy and an Alchemy recipe drops. If FFA loot and you go there and loot, you won't see it, right? Unless someone with the ACTUAL skill tries to loot it (or he's Master Looter), that won't show, right?

You should be careful with this "side-effect" of BoP recipes when choosing the looter...

Girl Meets WoW said...

Someone, that doesn't seem to be the case in the 25-mans, to my knowledge. We also tend to have other people peeking at the loot rather regularly. "The Looter" is just the one tasked with going around and gathering it all up.

lilxs said...

Oh grats, nice belt. I'm hoping to ditch Spellfire altogether soon, already taken off the Spellstrike. Only 60 badges and a few Vashj kills to go >.>

We use to distribute greens + greys, saves a bit of hassle. It can send marks of the illidari to one person etc.

Aigarius said...

Soooo, what's the bug?

We always roll with Mater Looter and loot threshold set to rare. Why is that a problem?

Anonymous said...



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