November 29, 2007

5 Lessons from WoW

image by beigeinside

Over at The Bronze Kettle, Jon tagged me with the "5 (Gaming) Lessons in 5 Years" meme.

I know, I know -- WoW hasn't been out for five years, but that just means you get 40% more lessons in the same blog post! Right? Of course. Here we go then.

  2. When it comes to long distance relationships, Teamspeak is much cheaper than phone bills.
  3. You can always spend more time theorycrafting. Always.
  4. 40-man raids are less coordinated in real life.
  5. Gamers are surprisingly superstitious.
Tag, you're it! I'd love to see five gaming lessons from:

Even if I didn't tag you, feel free to respond with five of your own on your blog or in this post's comments section.


Exanimo said...

Done :P

Exanimo said...

Linky version... hurray for blog polluting :)

Pike said...
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Pike said...
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Pike said...

(Okay, I give up trying to link stuff. XD)

I've been tagged! I'll do it once I get home from work.

P.S. My boyfriend and I use Skype, but we're wanting to get a Teamspeak server set up so we can invite others in on the fun easily as well. We get a lot of people moaning about why we can't use Ventrilo, hehe, it's sort of my fault because I'm the one using Linux =P

Mike said...

1. Size matters not. Neither does gear or spec. What matters is the skill of the player. (ask me how I 13-manned half of ZG in Mara/ZF blues)
2. Loot only matters to the extent that it allows you to do things or prevents you from doing things, such as pvp gear in arenas.
3. There are some terrible, terrible players out there. They all think they're great.
4. If a dps class does less damage than the tank through at least one boss, that's enough reason to boot them from the group, especially in a tough instance.
5. For the love of god, loot the @#$% dog!

Ratshag said...


Logan said...

I'll give it a go. I'm bored:

1 - Contrary to popular believe, DPS's primary job is NOT "do as much damage as you possibly can." In reality, DPS's primary job is "don't pull aggro." "Do as much damage..." is actually our secondary job.

2 - A Soulstone in the hand (of a healer) is worth two in the bush, or one less agonizing (read: Blackrock Mountain) run-back to the instance portal.

3 - Hogger is always fun to kill, no matter what level you are.

4 - Gryan Stoutmantle has the most spectacular name I've heard in years.

5 - Male gnome laughter never, ever gets old. If you don't believe me, go ask a gnome to laugh for you. Seriously, do it.

shelbi said...

trying to read #1 was the worst. lol

Galoheart said...

Ok I've been a community team player and done my part on my own blog. I did twelve instead of just five.

Rom said...

"When it comes to long distance relationships, Teamspeak is much cheaper than phone bills."

My wife and I use our cell phones with a family package just so we can rack up 4k+ minutes for free to stick it to the cell phone company. Very gratifying!!!

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