October 18, 2007

What's New in the WoW Blogosphere

What's new with GMW, you might be wondering? Well, I'm seeing a ton of traffic to my post on how to summon the Headless Horseman (so much so, in fact, that it appears I've exceeded my bandwidth on the Google Pages account that hosts my blogroll and my banner image... working to get those back up asap!), my guild is hard at work trying to take down Vashj, and when I'm not raiding, I've been poking around on the PTR checking out all the new goodies. But it looks like I'm not the only one...

Szilia on the World of Raids forums has scooped the post I'd been putting together on the new Dustwallow Marsh quests. (He doesn't include a map though; that's me, all me!) They're currently only partly implemented on the PTR; you can accept them, but most of them don't actually complete. One of the nice things about the new UI changes is that your cursor will now tell you if someone has a quest for you when you mouse over them, even if your level is too high for (!) to display over their heads. It's not quite as good as a pink exclamation point, but it's still a welcome change.

Mania's Arcania has done some PTR testing on how hunter pets will get behind their targets in patch 2.3. Essentially, pets won't bother circling if they have aggro (though it would be funny to watch them try), but they will move to the side of the mob if someone else is tanking. Since they don't attack while repositioning, this could mean a fair bit of dps downtime on a boss with a large footprint.

AFK Gamer, as usual, has the most fantastic-looking screenshots up. That's his picture of the headless horseman's pumpkin shrine in Scarlet Monastery at left.

Big Bear Butt's got the news on druid itemization changes. His shiny new Earthwarden is getting an extra 156 attack power in the patch.

Matticus has a public service announcement for all raiders: use your cooldowns! He's right, too: stop waiting for an emergency and break out the big guns already.

Breana at Gun Lovin' Dwarf Chick has written an awesome post called How to Survive in a WoW Marriage. If you're not married like me, just pretend it's called How to Survive Playing WoW and Living in Sin. (*wicked grin*) The advice still applies.

I've got a date with 9 other people on the PTR this Friday, so unless the the PTRs go down, I hope to be back covered in troll's blood and riding a bear to deliver you all the latest on Zul'Aman sometime this weekend.


www.GatheringofGamers.com said...

I saw this jack-O-lantern as a head on one of the members in The GoG! His username is CableGuy, so you'll have to check it out...


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