October 6, 2007

The Five Raiding Addons You Need

Karthis at Of Teeth and Claws has a nice post up about the four types of addons that every raider needs, with examples of each. I thought I'd share which mod I use for each of his categories, plus one bonus addon that I consider essential for casters.

Encounter Adviser - the mod that tells you when a boss will do what
I'm currently using Deadly Boss Mods on my mage, but some recent comparisons with my fellow guildies have me almost convinced to switch back to BigWigs.

Enhanced Raid Frames - the mod that shows the status of your fellow raiders
Since I'm a dps caster, I really like the condensed view of the raid that Grid provides - in the addon world, it's the raid frame mod with phenomenal cosmic power... and itty bitty little living space.

Statistics Gathering - the mod that lets you review your leet skillz after the fight
My raid leader uses WoWWebStats, which means I don't have to install an addon like Recount. More FPS for me!

Threat Meter - the mod that lets you - OMG I HAS AGGRO! *invis*
I use Omen for this, and highly recommend it over KLH Threatmeter.

Bonus Category for Casters:

Modular Cast Bar
- the mod that helps you reduce the effects of casting delay caused by lag
So far, Quartz is the only worthwhile mod in this category. Quartz provides a new cast bar that will show you how much of your cast is longer than necessary due to latency issues, allowing you to shave off some of this time with /stopcasting macros. Here's an example of a /stopcasting macro for fireball:

/cast Fireball

If you hit your /stopcast macro in the red latency phase of the Quartz cast bar, it will allow you to begin casting your next spell immediately, but by the time the signal to stop casting gets from your computer to the server, your first cast will already have been completed. Thus, combining Quartz and /stopcasting can greatly increase heal speed and caster dps, especially on spells with long cast times.


Leiandra said...

So, I looked at Grid. From a mage perspective, can you tell me what the advantages/disadvantages of it are?

Girl Meets WoW said...

In my mind, the major advantage to Grid is that there's still a part of me that wants to be able to see the health and mana of everyone in the raid, but as a mage, I don't need to dedicate much screen space to it. Grid is a minimalistic raid frame readout that can be customized to tell me who's missing AB/AI, who is in or out of range of my buffing, and who has a debuff I can decurse. With a decurse-on-mouse-hover macro, you can actually use it for one-click decursing, as well.

Anonymous said...



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