March 9, 2008

Screenshot Sunday: Pwned.

Archimonde has us on farm.


pARODY said...

What loot did you drop? :]

Girl Meets WoW said...

Archimonde receives loot: [Charred Gnome Scraps].

Matticus said...

Hah, phat loots indeed. We got him down to 50%. How'd you guys do?

We're dying mostly because of doomfires. Sigh.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Tonight was our first real set of tries on him, and we had one of our healers disconnect several times in fires. So... 82%? I'm jealous of the 50, but we'll get there.

Messyah said...

That is a BAD A$$ screenshot!

spicytuna said...

What I did on my mage when learning this fight is wear full Arena gear.

Staying Alive > DPSing

Having 14k HP and Arena trinket to get out of fears during emergency (feared into fire) helps greatly.

Once the raid can survive to like 50%, you can start switching out stam for damage.

Also, a tip for mages, when you get air bursted, all you have to do is Blink, and you will back on the ground where you just were.

Madmantwo said...

Yeah all the things said here are very true. The fight is about 90% survival. Knowing how to deal with the air bursts and getting the hell out of dodge when the doomfires are out is pretty much what its all about. Dps uptime means little. Especially for you poor mages. If you have a Druid heavy group you can get away with more but helping with curses tends to hurt your dps.

Either or the amount of DPS required to kill him really isnt all that demanding. You would normally be better off turning away from him and running like a little girl to avoid the doomfire than trying to dodge them and stay dpsing.

The trinket is a big part in helping with the fears. If you have people who are really struggling with breaking the fears and are constantly eating doomfires ask the priests to fear ward them when they can.

As an undead priest i get it pretty easy cause you can break the fears with the 2min trink, fear ward, and WotF and keep cycling that to make sure you never take a fear and can constantly heal the tank.

One of the things we did was set up quadrants to kinda control the chaos. Basically to make sure that there are decursers and healers around you at all times, to account for all the unexpected things that happen.

But the bottom line is if you can beat the doomfires you can kill him easily everytime.

Bitolan said...

As far as druid heavy, we usually run with 7 druids so... I think the decursing shouldn't be too big of a problem. We have the raid divided into three groups (not including the tank/melee) so that's going pretty well too.

I think at this point, it is just a matter of execution. We are already on target for dps and we aren't even trying, we just have to get people in the habit of staying way the hell away from doomfire.

Logan said...

7 druids? 7?!?!?!

What's your breakdown by spec, if you don't mind me asking?

It'd be nice to have that many battle rezzes in any given raid.

*~* said...


very nice screenshot =D

Good luck !


Messyah said...

I stole your screenshot for my wallpaper and you can't have it back. Nyaa nya nyaa ny nyaaa nyaaaaaaaaaa! LOL

Will said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bitolan said...

Well we just lost a bear, but we were 2 bears, 1 moonkin, and four restos. We occasionally toss in another moonkin as well.

As for the rest, we average 3-4 mages, 3 warlocks, 2-3 shadow priests, 1-2 rogues (with an enhancement shaman filling in when lacking), 2 warriors (one prot, one dps), one resto Shaman, 2-3 pallies, 1 holy priest. I'm not going to bother adding that up, but I think it is right.

Bonn said...

I'm telling on you for forgetting the 2-3 hunters, the raid leader among them. And this raid only really functions well when both moonkin are in attendance.

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