January 30, 2008

How I Stopped Worrying and Loved the Hunter

It's been almost embarrassing to admit it, with all the great hunter blogs out there extolling the class as well as the fine examples in my guild, but after getting my own hunter to 70, I just really wasn't feeling it. It just all felt so complicated, so much micromanaging to play a dps class.

And then there's the pulling. See, I don't actually like pulling, as far as I can tell. Perhaps it stems from being a mage, but there's something intrinsically suicidal about having one's job be to run ahead and shoot things in the face.

I did regular Shattered Halls run followed by heroic Ramparts a few weeks back, and although it was a good guild group and things went smoothly enough, I'd never felt more off my game. (Also, my gun broke in the middle of Ramparts. This didn't help any.) It's like the 5 man hunter playstyle just wasn't meshing with my own finely attuned PvE ranged dps skills. Sure, I appreciated hunters more than ever, but did I really want to play one?

And so my hunter went back to sitting dormant in Skettis, earning me a few gold here and there with daily quests, until The Boy and I decided to form a 2v2 team with our alts. I named us the Dark Iron Scraps, and up until this week, the name was the best thing we had going for us. Quite frankly, we started with no gear and 11k health between the two of us. His mage was sporting PvE tailoring epics, and I was in... well, quest greens, some of which were leather. To be frank, we're still pretty atrociously geared, we've lost at least 80% of our games, and our rating is abysmal.

But back to huntering, because here's the thing: I respecced for arena this week, and suddenly I'm having fun with my hunter! Ramekin's now 0/42/19, and for being such a noob, he's the most godawful arena pest you've ever laid eyes on. My other arena partner, A Moonkin in San Francisco, says he could've told me that months ago:

Me: Wow, my hunter is annoying now that I've respecced for arena.
aMiSF: Well, duh.
Me: Heh.
aMiSF: Oh, you have buffs on you? Lemme get rid of those. What's that, you want to heal? Well we can't have that do any good, let's just cut that in half. Oh, you want to cast spells too? Now now, none of that.
Me: Just think of these as gifts. Like this lovely scattershot.
aMiSF: Oh, and here is an animal for your face. You can't CC him, so just deal with it.


HolyWarrior said...

Quote: "Oh, and here is an animal for your face"

I laughed so hard. Ha hahahha

Squishy said...

Ok, I'm confused. If you're MM/SV spec'ed and therefore without bestial wrath, why can't the pet be CC'ed?

Logan said...

As a much-maligned warlock, it's nice to finally be able to complain about another class being OP for PvP, so here goes:



Actually just take the dispel effect off of Arcane Shot. It's an anti-caster buff that was absolutely unnecessary that Blizzard felt like giving to a class that was already quite strong against casters. They can keep everything else. I'll just keep dotting them and LOSing them as much as possible and they'll still probably kill me.

Maybe I just suck at PvP?

Glad to see you're enjoying your hunter. :)

Kristoffer said...

Squishy; Well, with relevant resistances pumped up, it's harder to CC anyway. Slight exaggerations for great quotes, oke? :p

@Post: Amen! I levelled my hunter to 70 for the fact that she was a female dwarf with a gorramn mining hat (with candle!) atop. Really. When I hit 70 stuff was kinda meh, until I tried arena with my roomie and her priest.

Sadly/Consequently, now that she plays on another server mostly, there's no fun left in the hunter. :3

Lorena said...

Well, with my mage and specially with my discipline priest alt , I know exactly what is to have a big red pet biting you. >.<

At least, i can jump off the bridge in The Circle of Blood, in Blade's Edge Mountains

Alevas (Uther) said...

Go check out my armory for a possible arena spec if you want.

Now, I pve raid with that spec too and I run with a lot of melee - hence the imp hunter's mark and survival all the way to exposed weakness. There's a few things you could possibly change but basically the idea behind my build is survivability - in 3v3 and 2v2, my hunter is DAMN hard to take down if I have a healer with me... and my healer is damn hard to take down because I have so many methods of cc:
reduced CD and lengthened time on traps, scatter shot, wyrven sting - save your wyrven for after they've popped the trinket from a freeze trap.

You'll also learn helpful hints - holy paladins suck but they're easy to disrupt - snake trap under their feet, scorpid attacking them, and viper sting FTW

There's a lot to arenas for sure!

I find 2v2 and 3v3 more enjoyable because as the squishiest member of my 5v5 (a lousy 240 resilience), I generally get focus fired and taken down instantly in 5v5.

BigBearButt said...

I /agree

Quote: "Oh, and here is an animal for your face"

That is full of win!

You rock.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Man, now that Laser Chicken is gone (*sad face*), I should see if A Moonkin in San Francisco is willing to blog some, himself...

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