December 29, 2007

Real Life Specs

Over dinner tonight (Thai food, yum), The Boy and I got to talking about the wide variety of people we have in our guild. Out of 300+ people, we have the usual smattering of students, soldiers, coders, young parents, and the self-employed, but offhand, I can also name:

  • a professional jouster
  • a military intelligence analyst
  • an auto show model
  • a full-time forum moderator
  • a sex-ed researcher
At times like this, it really does blow me away that there are people who only play with folks they know in real life. And mind you, this is only from the small subset of guildies whose real lives I know about. WoW is fun like that, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Add to the list of diverse people playing WoW:

- retired music teacher
- jail guard
- hockey player
- and the list goes on...

Euripedes said...

There was one game a while back, I forget what it was called.

One of my best in-game buddies was a combatant in the (first) War in Iraq. and he was a fairly funny guy, always had these kinda... dark war and army jokes.
At one point I asked him what state he was from, and he said he was born in Al Lathqiyah.
Apparently, he was NOT on the American side in the (first) War in Iraq.

Big Red Idiot said...


I figured I might make the list of obscure RL jobs.

Whats even more interesting is that despite being in the guild for 4-6 months now, I couldn't match the profession with any name.

Pike said...

When I worked at a video game store, almost everybody that worked there played WoW. But that was kind of a given, so when I got a new job I figured there wouldn't be much WoW talk at work anymore.

...turns out, a couple months after starting work at a pet store, I find out about 90% of the people there play WoW too. One of my managers kept me from working for about 20 minutes because he decided he'd rather tell me about all his level 29 twinks than have me work.

My next mission is to find out what classes all these people play. We've got one druid so far; if it turns out everyone plays druids and hunters it'll be really interesting because it's an animal-related profession.

Anonymous said...

I once worked for a stuffed animal company in NJ. I worked on a machine that shot the stuffing into the stuffed animal (shells) and then someone else would sew up the filling holes. Well, while at work one day, we were raided by the F.B.I. It turns out, the owner had been stuffing Heroine into the stuffed raccoons they made, appropriately named "Shooter". Anyway, this happened ages ago, but I still felt compelled to name my very first pet "Shooter", even though he was replaced rather quickly. Perhaps someday I will get another "Shooter". :-)

Girl Meets WoW said...

I have never met a stuffed animal stuffer before. A first!

Halo said...

Middle school principal would have looked good on that list too.... just sayin

Lance said...

USAF AMMO Troop here and there are plenty more, add also USAF Photographer and metals technician.

Anonymous said...

You mean a professional Jouster.


Girl Meets WoW said...

Oh, Davos. I surveyed the masses (ok, I asked Pyetr and he said "what? I thought that was a joke!" and then I asked Csaint and he corrected me from professional to amateur), and downgraded you accordingly. Amended with pleasure. Professional jouster sounds that much more awesome.

Anonymous said...



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