November 12, 2007

Lady Vashj Swims With the Fishes

Much celebration last night as my raid took down Vashj for the first time. If you've never fought her before, the final boss of Serpentshrine is not a nice lady. Just look at those fangs!

She takes 10+ hours of concerted learning wipes for your average raiding guild, which for us (splitting our time between TK and SSC, with some attendance issues to boot) meant we've been working on her for over a month.

Why so long, you ask? Lady Vashj is a major test of raid coordination. Her second phase requires you simultaneously to tank incoming elite nagas, manage AOE-fearing fen striders who will one-shot the casters in charge of kiting and killing them, kill elementals constantly spawning from over a dozen locations around the room, and play an ultimate frisbee-esque minigame of killing, looting, and tossing drops from "tainted elementals" in order to disable her protective shield and move the fight into the final phase.

If practically anyone dies before you take out her shield generators, you're toast, but either way, a lot of people are likely to die soon after. Once you move into phase three, Vashj calls forth a small army of toxic spore bats which drop poison clouds. If you don't take her down quickly, they'll soon blanket the platform on which you fight her.

Above all, taking down Vashj requires good coordination and lots and lots of practice. I'm proud to say we've finally beaten her. Now it's on to Kael!


Matticus said...

Good stuff! We're right behind you. We clocked in at 9% on Sunday.

Someone said...

Grats! I doubt I'll ever get that far but it's always nice to see others doing it!

Jon said...


maybe one day i'll see some raid action. probably not though. =/

Messyah said...



As soon as we solve our lack of healers issue, we'll be rocking that joint!

pelides said...


Ratshag said...

Yup. What they all said!

Michael said...

I got the "have you ever thought about respeccing to holy" from a guild officer this weekend. This has poured cold water over my raiding ambitions for the moment and I've decided to complete my Frozen Shadoweave before I make any push for the rest of my Kara keys.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Thanks, everybody. Now for the other hard part: repeating our success.

Wow Panda said...

Grats! It will be another year or two for my small guide to touch her, maybe when we are all level 80.

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