November 20, 2007

Hello, I'm William Shatner, and I'm a Shaman

No, I'm not kidding. Shat & Mr. T are doing commercials for Blizzard.

"You're no doubt wondering: Hey, Shatner. How do I hurl bolts of lighting?"

Actually, Cap'n, I was just marveling again at how you really will Emote. For. Anyone.


SonofMoag said...
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SonofMoag said...

You've got to be pulling my leg. They need a new emote: /shatner
a voice emote: Beam me up scottie, Jim, he's dead, I'm givin' her all she's got captain, Use
and other craziness.

Anonymous said...

"What... possible... reason... could Gronn want... with... my Ship?" LOL

Pike said...

Oh my gosh.


*giggles uncontrollably*

Anonymous said...

"I pitty da fool who dare takes mah loot!"

Girl Meets WoW said...

"What... possible... reason... could Gronn want... with... my Ship?"

Well, they have to get those dragons up on the spikes somehow.

Gráinne said...

That's it, I'm rolling a new toon... Think I'll call him Dennycrane.



etc. :-)

Logan said...

So it all comes out... the whole Deathknight thing was really just a red herring. Instead, Shatner will be a playable class in WotLK. I've heard rumors that beta testing has indicated a few things:

-The Shatner-class can not only solo Onyxia, he can one-shot her.

-He'll have a "summon Mr. T" ability with a 3 day cooldown. Mr. T will have many abilities such as a "wrath of the gold chains" AOE attack and a "pity the fool" crowd-control that works similar to a Succubus's seduction, only instead of diminishing returns it will have exponentially increasing returns based on how much Mr. T pity's you.

-Shatner will have increased reputation gains with a new faction, the Trekkies. Exalted reputation opens up the possibility of purchasing a tribble vanity pet .
-Shatner is immune to all forms of taunt, fear, and crowd-control. He's friggin Shatner. He obviously cares very little about what others think about him.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited about this new revelation.

Wow Panda said...

That was really good logan, now you are responsible for the coffee on my lap

Anonymous said...



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