November 6, 2007

Blogroll Update

I've gotten a few comments on my image-based blogroll over the past few weeks. I like the screenshot mosaic feel to it, even though I envy the ease with which Mania and others can manage blogrolls through Google Reader. For now though, I'm sticking with it, which means it's time for an update. This month's additions include:

  • A Couple in Azeroth - Starring Josh and Kate, a druid and priest who've just gotten back into the game.
  • Adventures in Azeroth - It's another druid blog! I'm beginning to suspect bears don't poop in the woods; they blog instead.
  • Altitis - Gwaendar called me out on my /stopcasting in 2.3 post, and since then I've been a slacker and haven't re-addressed the issue because the precise mechanism keeps changing on the PTRs. I should really get on that, but in the meantime, you should read his blog.
  • Aspect of the Hare - Pike has been leaving all kinds of interesting comments here for weeks, and I'm only now just linking to her. Shameful! Oh, she's another hunter. (See also: druids, woods.)
  • The Bronze Kettle - Jon and Shelbi have gotten two WoW Insider links in the past week or so, and hardly need any introduction from me, but just in case you've been living under a rock: they're creating IRL recipes for in-game food on their awesome blog, and I think they're onto my secret identity.
  • Frostbolt - I meant to link to Frostbolt's blog in the original incarnation of the blogroll; I even had a screenshot picked out and everything. He's a raiding druid in a guild working through Hyjal/BT.
  • One Among Many - She sent me an email about my blog, and then started one of her own.
  • Saber Squadron - What do you get when you decide to multibox five night elf hunters? The Saber Squadron.
  • Someone WoWing - "Someone" is sometimes a feral druid, and sometimes a BM hunter, and likes to talk maths. Seriously hunters and druids, I think your classes have reached blogging quota.
  • The Shadow Flame - Poxus has rerolled warlock, and is starting back at the beginning.
  • Warlock Therapy - When not enslaving demons, Jagoex blogs about all kinds of WoW topics. He's got the latest on the Mad Alchemist's Potion, by the way.
Disclaimer: GMW is not responsible for the post content or frequency of sites on this blogroll, but does reserve the right to add or remove blogs at whim due to same. GMW's blogroll is hand-coded as a giant wall of text. It's possible there may be an error in there; if so, or if you have a different 50x50 pixel image from your blog you'd like me to use, please send me an email.


Anonymous said...

Thks for the link! Always nice to come check for posts and see one's blog mentioned, even if I must confess I've been a bit too busy WoWing and too lazy to post! But that won't last forever and I have a couple posts to finish and will do so soon! :)

pelides said...

I still don't rank. :(

Pike said...

Thank you very much for the link! I must say, I have always admired your little "blogroll quilt", such a creative and fun way to do it.

I sort of think that all the blogging hunters were inspired by BRK =P Or maybe we hunters are just a chatty bunch?

Can't speak for druids, though...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking me in your AWESOME blogroll!

One of these days I'll have to make my page look a bit more creative.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the listing on your blogroll. I just love being in this community of Hunters.

SonofMoag said...

I can't pull up shadow flame's site. And I rolled a Undead Warlock just to follow his walkthrough.

Matticus said...

I forgot to mention a thanks for adding me down there earlier. Although I can't help but notice you centered the screen on my Shaman instead of my Priest, BUT THAT'S OKAY! =)

People will think I'm a shaman blogger instead of a Priest blogger and will be in for a surprise. Hah

Girl Meets WoW said...

Great to see you all stopping by. I'm checking on Shadow Flame before I pull it off for now.

Matticus, shaman bloggers are a rarity, so clearly I was doing you a favor, right? (...Ok, actually it's just that it's harder to make Mallet's features out at 50x50 pixels, but I'm going to pretend that was totally the reason.)

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