October 3, 2007

WoW's Worst Raiders

So I started this post during my SSC raid (don't look at me like that, we were taking a 5 minute break!), which reminds me of a funny vanilla WoW story. Once upon a time, my guild had a mediocre dpsadin who won a lucky roll on Eye of Sulfuras in MC. A couple months later, we're in BWL and he's doing even less of his job buffing than usual. Our pally class leader whispers him to ask what's up and doesn't get an answer, but the guy's still healing, so he figures it's a fluke. We get to Nefarian, and sometime in the middle of the fight we realize this guy's toon is just standing there, not doing anything.

Those of you who fought Nefarian back in the day remember that he was an extremely long fight. As we're fighting, people start asking what's up and sending the /afk guy tells to see if he'll answer. Phase 1 goes by, nothing. Phase 2, still nothing. We down Nef, and the guy finally comes back to his keyboard and has the gall to attempt to roll on a Tier 2 chestpiece. The next day, he /gquits and we figure out where he was for those ten minutes: alt-tabbed, and apping to the best guild on the server. Which promptly rejects him.

So, a contest of sorts: which Girl Meets WoW reader has the worst raider-from-hell story?


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