October 30, 2007

Mage Leveling in Outlands: A Black Tie Affair?

Today's post comes from a reader Caiti of One Among Many, who left me a message in yesterday's comments section. She writes:

Quick question - I've discovered my long lost lvl 60 mage. So dusty in fact that there are no talents and gear...probably a mishap with the ex long ago...

To my point - suggestions? I'm on a pvp realm with him. The only upside is I've got 300 enchanting and tailoring already...but no mats and literally no gear...

I have a tux though...I logged in and thus - was perfectly dressed for a night on the town. Does that count?

Suggestions as to how I should fix this situation? (I'm almost afraid to kill things in outlands due to lack of gear...)

- One Among Many

Dear OAM,

Ouch. Maybe you could ask a hellboar for a dinner date? (Just kidding.)

I wrote some advice on mage leveling specs the other week, and although it only went up to 58, you should still be able to use it to get an idea of what might work best for you. I personally recommend frost for leveling these days, and if you're undergeared (or not at all geared, in your case), it's particularly powerful. You may not kill things fast, but you can probably keep them from hitting you until they finally die.

As for finding some more suitable outerwear for Outlands: I'd keep leveling tailoring, and have a [Netherweave Belt] and [Netherweave Bracers] ready for as soon as you hit 61. But Hellfire Penninsula is your best source for gear upgrades ([Goldweave Tunic], anyone?), so don't be afraid to don the tuxedo and dodge some felreavers. I took my hunter out at level 58, and he was still wearing a level 31 cloak and assorted pieces from Zul'Farrak. You may find it a little more painful, but within two hours you'll probably have filled out most of your empty slots. And if you die a few times in the meantime, well . . . at least you'll die well-dressed.

Best of luck,



Anonymous said...

Awww hehe ty! I'll definately be looking on your previous post more during my lunch hour - last night for a quick (supposed to be fun) AV match I just threw literally all talents into Fire. I have enough cashola to respec (fortunately my druid doesn't die AS often, has gear, and some outlands gold hehe). That goldweave tunic looks fancy...but will it look as sexay as my tux?! lol

Thanks for the post though - will do some more reasearching of ye olde wowhead as well to look up quests and get the job done right!

Anonymous said...



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