October 11, 2007

PTRs Are Going Up Tonight!

Hortus drops the bomb on the WoW boards. Looks like I might see some ZA this weekend! Meanwhile, salivate over some new tidbits I've plucked from the official 2.3 PTR patch notes:

Guild Banks

  • Will be accessed through "guild banker" NPCs.
  • Will have 6 "tabs" containing 98 item slots each. Each tab can be given separate access permissions as far as who can view, deposit, or withdraw gold or items, which the guild leader can set up.
  • Will keep a log of the last 50 banking transactions.
Weapon Skill and Expertise
  • Expertise rating appears to be the new weapon skill. Each point of expertise reduces the chance your opponent will dodge or parry your attack by 0.25%.
  • Most items with weapon skill have now been changed to grant expertise rating. Ranged weapon skill has been reitemized to +crit or +hit.
  • Dwarves will now gain +1% crit with guns instead of increased weapon skill.
  • Trolls will now gain +1% crit with bows and throwing weapons instead of increased weapon skill.
Reputation-Based Vendor Discounts
  • A change to the faction vendor system now gives increasing discounts as your rep goes up. 5% for friendly, 10% for honored, 15% for revered, 20% for exalted.
  • Will try to get behind their targets in melee now.
  • Will not trigger items or abilities that proc "on killing an enemy" when they die.
Auction House
  • Will now allow you to sell items for 12, 24, or 48 hours.
  • Now sports reorganized categories.
  • Will now let you send up to 12 items in a single message.
  • Right-click will now place an item in the outgoing mail.
Daily Quests
  • Will now show up as blue exclamation points.
  • Have been added to one random battleground each day, and can be picked up by the battlemasters in capital cities.
  • Have been added to Outlands 5-mans, as well as CoT. One random heroic and non-heroic dungeon a day.
  • There are now daily quests for fishing.


Sellia said...

Thanks for the tidbits ! ;-)

Nice blog by the way.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...



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