October 24, 2007

Hallow's End Alt Fun

I rolled a Draenei paladin today in preparation for patch 2.3 — a bunch of us are creating bank alts which will each lead their own one-person guilds. Then we can use them to purchase 3 guild vault tabs of our very own to hold all our characters' excess stuff. At 110 gold plus bag costs, I expect it'll be a popular new storage strategy.

The only challenge for me was coming up with a name — since my server's several years old now, a lot of the good mule names have already been snatched up. I took a stab at 'Acquisition' and 'Depository' before finally scoring a win with 'Stockpile,' then played around a bit on Azuremyst Isle.

Leveling another Draenei gives me a chance to appreciate just how much effort Blizzard put into the 1-20 starter quests. The Stillpine Furbolg quests and the quest that has you disguise yourself as a tree are favorites of mine, but even just some of the NPC conversation text out here is particularly well-written. If you've never ventured out into this starter area before, you owe it to yourself next time you're thinking of rolling a new character. The novelty alone almost makes up for that eventual long trek to Ironforge.


Anonymous said...

I personally like the one where you turn into a cat and run through the Azuremyst woods. The graphical effect they used was awesome. I wish my screen looked like that when I was in stealth with my Druid (Cat). That would be sweet.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Yeah, they gave it the same effect used for mage invisibility. I love that quest.

Anonymous said...



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