October 8, 2007

DEing Auction House Greens for Fun and Profit

Kat of Liquid Silver has a fascinating post up about how to make money off the Auction House by min bidding on tBC greens and disenchanting them. Even tipping her enchanter, she's making a 40% profit by only bidding on any level 64-70 green under 3g50s and reselling the disenchanted mats.

My mage is an enchanter, but he's also a tailor (aren't we all?), so in my constant hording of arcane dust for imbued netherweave, I usually forget just how profitable selling stacks of enchanting mats can be. I'll have to give this strategy a shot.


BigBearButt said...

That is soo funnny. When my main was an enchanter, i did the same thing,e specially when I needed to get arcane dust to fuel my stack of imbued netherweave cloth...

and I don't know how you arrived at your cost point, but that is the same exact price i set as my threshold now when I pickup dropped greens... if the sell to vendor price is higher than 3.5 gold, I sell it straight, and if it's less than I mail it to my enchanter friend to d/e for me....

Sounds to me like this is a secret you shouldn't have let slip... at least not to your other friends on the server :)

Girl Meets WoW said...

Kat tested, Bear approved? :P Looks like I definitely need to spend more time on the AH.

Nibuca said...

Go get Enchantrix (packaged with AuctioneerAdvanced).

Mouse over armor/weapons in AH. Buy those where the predicted DE prices is 2g or greater than the current sale price.


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