October 10, 2007

Are You Forgetting Your Free Gems?

I've got to admit it; when it comes to WoW, I can be incredibly forgetful. When you're trying to remember whether you've done a certain quest or still have that stack of terocone, having three characters in Outlands can make things awful confusing. (Instant mail between alts has been a godsend in this regard.) Just today, however, I remembered something really basic that I've forgotten to do on any of my characters lately -- going out to Nagrand every month to pick up my salary of free Consortium gems.

Didn't know you you'd been missing out? It's true. If you're friendly or higher with the Consortium, you can pick up a new set of gems from Gehze in Nagrand at the start of every month. The higher your reputation, the better your chances of getting good-quality gems. Even if you're only friendly, it's a nice little gift you can use to pay the repair bills or help level up your alt's jewelcrafting. But be forewarned: if you don't pick up your gems by the end of the month, they won't roll over to next month. So don't forget!


Galoheart said...

I've never missed picking up my hard earned "Gem Paycheck" from the Consortium. On first of month i proudly ride over there on mount to collect my one and only paycheck in WoW. My Gem Paycheck.

I need a raise and i know what consortium going to tell me. Work Harder!

Ryster Anch said...

You get free gems from the Consortium???? Holy Cow! I didn't know that; I figured it was a one time quest reward....Good thing I haven't missed out on any month's pay yet. 8~)


Leiandra said...

IIRC, Wowwiki stated that the "paychecks" were originally to be sent via mail, but there was some bug from release until patch 2.1. And now, yes, you have to go to Gezhe to get it. For such a high profit organization as the Consortium, you'd think they'd be able to afford the postage. Heck, I think the last time I had to pick up a paycheck I was in high school. Of course, I'm not really sure I'd like the Consortium doing automatic deposit either. :)

SonofMoag said...

Direct deposit of jewels into my bank account? that sounds like a good idea to me, leiandra.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Hey now, those Consortium guys have a business to run too, you know. Do you have any idea what the cost of shipping unmarked sacks of gems is these days?

Someone said...

WOW! Thanks a bunch! Didn't know that and it sure can be handy!

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